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 VR Construction is a company Promoted by a team of young and dedicated architects , engineers and consultants with a vision to revolutionize the field of constructions , designing , landscaping , interior designing , project management by using the best resources i.e. Men , material , and Technology and provide quality services  which endures , by optimum utilization of resources.

                 It is our endeavour to establish ourselves at the forefront of this sector and VRC has a professional staff , which includes experts form various fields like architecture​, interior design , landscape design , civil , mechanical , finance and Consultancy.

Our company believes that timely completion of projects is the key ingredient for the success of builders and their clients and they have been successfully doing this for the last 10 years

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      We have a team of professionally qualified dynamic and committed artistic individuals with an objective to revolutionize the field of designing and developing landscape design.

 We provide world class design features in landscape, keeping in mind not only style and balance but trying to bring out nature artistically to our clients doorsteps. We also take into account the climate, soil conditions, seasons and plant growth all in constant flux so that the design keeps constantly growing and developing into something marvelous and something worth beholding.

    We design and install all types of garden seating, pools, fountains, falls, canopies, pergolas, garden lights, garden ornaments and sculptures.
Our services are customer focused in flexible selection service and support. Out customers can rest assured about our professionalism and focused services.

Our landscape team is very well trained and use modern equipments like poclains, JCB tippers, excavators, vibrators, pumps, stone cutters etc., which we process and use when necessary.

Overall we have a greater understanding of this field because of the professionals associated with us who have an edge in the field ranging from art, arti-culture to horticulture, thus making us a professional group in this field.


We have successfully designed and executed institutional projects.
The projects have been designed not only to cater to businesses but
also projects wherein educational services by us. We carry with us
this experience that we have gained during the execution of these
projects that enables us to handle large institutional projects with


VRC has a wide range of qualified and professionally able individuals
who can handle large projects related to health care infrastructure


VRC offers to undertake the designing, Planning and construction
(with all amenities such as Power supply, Water supply, Drainage
etc.) of residential apartment, row houses, and duplex houses
depending upon the site condition and other relevant factors. VRC
has a full fledged work force with construction equipment and
trained staff to take up any kind of Civil construction.

Why Choose Us

With years of expertise and experience in the construction and infrastructure industry, Why Choose Us is the perfect option for all your project needs. Our team of experts will provide you with tailored solutions and innovative ideas to make sure each project is completed to the highest of standards. Make sure to choose Why Choose Us for all your construction and infrastructure needs – because when it comes to quality, we will never settle for anything less.


VRC has since inception been strong in technology.As testimony of our early mover and adopter reputation equipment manufacturers have commendedand feted us in their annual reviews and get-togethers to recognise our contribution in this sector.


Get your projects done fast with Client-focussed VRC! Our team of professionals understand that time is of the essence when it comes to getting your projects completed. That's why we strive to keep our client-focused approach top of mind and provide you with the best experience possible.

Timely Completion

Get your work done faster with Timely Completion! Our efficient and reliable services will help you complete all your tasks before the deadline. Enjoy a hassle-free process and rest assured that your projects will be completed on time - every time!

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

It’s not just building a house. It’s making sure every detail is taken care of – on time, on budget and with quality. We provide the best services, from idea to completion. From the design to the materials to the contractors to the plans, we have you covered. Let us help you build your dream home today!

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